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Welcome to My Pawfect Bear

Teddy Bear Stuffing Machine and Stuff a Plush Parties are the Pawfect start up option for just about anyone!  Teddy Bear Stuffing is also the Pawfect addition to every entertainment or retail based business.  Bringing a new friend to life is a magical process that will be remembered for years to come. The build your teddy bear factory concept is a proven success thanks to all the retail stores providing the stuff your own bear experience to thousands every day. Your clients and guests are always looking for something new, something different, something sensational that will awe both their children and their  guests, something that will keep them talking for months, even years to come.

Teddy Bear Factory

My Pawfect Bear will deliver to you exactly that....something NEW, something DIFFERENT, something SENSATIONAL! Teddy Bear Stuffing parties (other animals too) and delivering the teddy bear stuffing experience in a home, online, retail or attraction based environment is so easy to do with My Pawfect Bear, and even easier to implement into your menu of services for EVERY VENUE! My Pawfect Bear takes great care and pride in the construction of every teddy bear stuffing machine and in all of the teddy bears, plush toys and accessories we manufacture. All of our Teddy Bear Stuffing machines are manufactured here in the USA!  My Pawfect Bear is your complete solution provider in the Create your Own Teddy Bear trade. We are your wholesale supplier for:

  • Teddy Bear Stuffing Machines
  • Retail Merchandising Carts and Retail Store Fixtures
  • Unstuffed Plush Skins - a full line of plush teddy bears & other Pawfect Pals
  • Costumes - a wide variety for our plush line (fits most other plush lines as well)
  • Accessories - shoes, sunglasses, bows, sound modules and more...
  • Supplies - stuffing, birth certificate software, critter boxes, and more….

My Pawfect Bear manufacturers a diverse range of teddy bear stuffing machines. Our machines are attractive, durable, reliable, simple to operate and can be placed in a wide range of target locations including (but not limited to) family entertainment centers, tourist spots, amusement parks, shopping malls, and more!  My Pawfect Bear Teddy Bear Stuffing machines are built with CE certified parts and components to completely meet all overseas regulations.  My Pawfect Bear products and services are delivered with confidence and come with our quality assurance guarantee and 100% support!

The My Pawfect Bear “Bear In A Box” line of stuffing machines are well known for being the best portable stuffers available today! Portable Operators have found the “Bear In A Box Mini” to be lightweight, attractive, durable and very easy to transport and operate. The Birthday Party or Backyard Party market is easily accommodated with our “Baby Bear In A Box”. In fact, these machines are a must anywhere children (big and small) are found!

My Pawfect Bear also offers the option for your very own custom themed teddy bear stuffing machine, Retail Merchandising Carts and our line of plush, costumes and accessories can also be personalized or customized…We can also help you design and produce your own !!

When you are looking for Amusement Equipment for Sale, you just can't go wrong with My Pawfect Bear's stuffing machines.

Teddy Bear Stuffing is a concept that continues to deliver a very attractive ROI.  Call us or email us today to learn more about My Pawfect Bear and the business opportunities available with Teddy Bear Stuffing.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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